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CCR Projects


The Former Stuart Generating Station is a 2318 megawatt coal-powered electric power plant located near Aberdeen, Ohio.

KEY is currently providing engineering support to work through plant demolition and closure of the coal combustion residuals (CCRs) units. The Client is pursuing clean closure of the units and closure in place of two existing landfill units. KEY is proceeding under the Federal CCR Rules, while concurrently satisfying the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) requirements.

Project Scope
Construction engineering support, Borrow materials evaluations, preparation of closure plans and Permit To Install applications, Consolidation of groundwater unit monitoring, Permitting support, Material management evaluations and technical; support, Coordination with the OEPA and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Groundwater program refinement, Optimization of the closure designs, Site Landfill grading design and final closure permitting

Agency Approval Summary
In the first two years of working on the project, KEY prepared submittals and obtained Agency approval for numerous plans to advance redevelopment of the Site.

The following major approvals were obtained:
Permit to Install Applications submitted and approved by the OEPA for two former ash ponds, the coal storage yard, and gypsum storage facility covering a total area of ~120 acres;
Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) approval to eliminate the dam permits for three former Class II dams associated with the former ash ponds ~1 mile of berms removed from inspection and reporting requirements;
Modification and reduction of the groundwater monitoring programs;
OEPA approval for a Revised Closure Plan and elimination of a Class II Residual Waste Permitted Landfill facility; and,
Permit to Install Applications submitted to and approved by the OEPA for three former coal ash ponds covering a total area of ~80 acres.

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