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CCR Projects


Project Description

A former coal-fired power plant is being closed under agreement with the USEPA and Ohio EPA. The plant is scheduled for demolition and the environmental liabilities will be managed by a third party. KEY was selected to support the project.

The initial work involved a Phase I environmental site assessment along with an engineering cost estimate for the closure of various site features. In addition, an evaluation of the requirements for the closure of the property including the coal storage areas and the coal combustion residual units on the site was completed. Other environmental conditions recognized included a large oil-water separator, various above and below ground storage tanks, storm water detention ponds, and wastewater treatment operations.

Activities Performed

KEY has been instrumental in evaluating the cost for utilizing or removing these assets for future site development. The two coal storage areas cover over 40 acres adjacent to the Ohio River. A CCR impoundment on the site will be closed under the US EPA CCR regulations first implemented in 2016.

Closure of the coal yards will involve the removal of waste coal, loading and unloading conveyors, and the associated tunnels. The yards will then be graded and capped to reduce stormwater runoff.

KEY will also oversee the removal of any remaining liquids or residuals in the storage tanks on site. The removal includes flushing the transfer lines and removal of the associated piping. The tanks have contained diesel fuel, non-PCB recyclable transformer oils, ammonia, urea, caustic and sulfuric acid. Additionally, oil and hydraulic fluids will be removed from any operating equipment to mitigate any impacts during demolition of the various structures and equipment removal operations.

KEY will redesign the wastewater treatment system to manage the reduced flows on site as well as manage the NPDES and other operating permits for the site. Besides power plant water the treatment system also accepts water from the affiliated Hollow Rock Landfill. Sammis operated the landfill for the management of CCR and gypsum generated during operation at the power plant.

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