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CCR Projects


As a part of a liability acquisition of the W.H. Sammis Power Plant, KEY was instrumental in providing critical pre-purchase information for the buyer. This included providing environmental due diligence, (including a Phase 1 report), permit review and analysis, and technical reviews of on-site treatment and disposal units.

When shut down occurs, KEY will provide immediate assistance for management of all permit requirements including sample collection and analysis, waste water treatment operations, site inspections, and all associated reporting. Additionally, KEY will support the development of the required CCR public information website for the W.H. Sammis plant.

The primary scope of KEY’s work will occur after the site turnover date. This will include the closure of a CCR impoundment, closure of two coal yards, oversight of environmental clean-up activities, and re-design of the waste water treatment reflecting the changing discharge volumes. KEY will complete the updated design and permit-to-install application process for submittal to the Ohio EPA. These services will support the site demolition scheduled in the future.

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