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CCR Projects

Richmond Mill

Project Description

The site is located in Knox Township of Jefferson County Ohio near the Ohio River. This site is an existing CCR landfill which accepts CCR materials from coal fired power plants in the local area. The landfill is positioned over a reclaimed coal strip mine. The landfill is approximately 115 acres in size and is permitted for a vertical expansion followed by a permanent cap. However, those plans have been altered with a change in ownership. The CCR materials will be mined for use in a beneficiation process.

Activities Performed

KEY assisted beneficiation efforts by preparing permitting plans which will allow the client to install and operate an on-site production facility. The facility will use the patented Brixx process to convert the CCR materials into Brixx, a product which can be sold and used in construction. KEY’s activities include:

  • Permitting Plan 

  • Stormwater Evaluation

  • Landfill Inspection and Reporting

  • Air Permitting 

  • Permit to Install Application (PTI)

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