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CCR Projects

Pleasants Power Station

Project Description

This coal-fired electric power generating station is located on the banks of the Ohio River and was acquired by the Client for the purpose of redevelopment. A 90 acre area con- taining the Power Plant, multiple coal yards and a former bottom ash pile were schedule to be closed.

Activities Performed

KEY was retained to provide engineering support and assist with the property acquisition, permits transfer, continued compliance monitoring during Plant operations, preparation of a Site-Wide Closure Plan and a Plant Decommissioning Plan.

The Site Wide Closure Plan considered the Plant process water and Site stormwater, a phased decommissioning of two existing waste water treatment plants and lagoons, NPDES permit modifications, coal yard closure, a former bottom ash pile closure, and future stormwater runoff. Because one of the coal yards is located on an adjacent property, KEY supported the client in their negotiations regarding the coal yard closure and property access.

The Plant Decommissioning Plan included preparing a scope of work and identifying electrical contractors need following the Plant shut down, preparing a scope of work and identifying contractors for management of environmental wastes following Plant shut-down.

During acquisition, a deal was struck with the Owner to continue Plant operations. A few months after the Client acquired the Plant, a third party purchased the Plant for continuous operations.

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