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CCR Projects


KEY initiated redevelopment efforts by preparing a scope of work for all environmental activities site-wide. These activities include the development and implementation of an Action Plan to address all 16 acres and preparation of Permits-to-Install (PTIs) for closure of the CCR units.

KEY’s activities include:
Closure Design (PTI) for the Fly Ash Pond, NPDES Monitoring and Reporting, Closure and coordination with plant demolition/activities, Borrow materials evaluation, Closure Coordination with Plant Demolition/Activities, Material management evaluations and technical support.

KEY will continue the to prepare a closure plan concept for the Ash Ponds that will involve a combination of clean closure, sustainable habitat closure, and capping in place. KEY will also support the closure of the Coal Yard area and areas maintained as a borrow source.

KEY is currently providing engineering support to work through the closure of the coal combustion residuals (CCRs) units. The Client is pursuing a unique closure plan which optimizes material movement and alternative close methods for an economical and environmental closure of the 16 acre ash pond area. KEY is proceeding under the Federal CCR Rules, while concurrently satisfying the Ohio Envi­ronmental Protection Agency (OEPA) requirements.

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