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CCR Projects


This former coal-fired electric power generating station located on the banks of the Muskingum River was acquired by the client for the purpose of redevelopment. Plans for this 1,500 acre site include industrial, recreational, and a wildlife habitat and preserve. Major elements of the project include the closure of over 200 acres of coal ash reservoirs, beneficial re-use of bottom ash, and groundwater monitoring program.

Activities Performed
KEY initiated redevelopment efforts by preparing a scope of work for all environmental activities site-wide. These activities included the development and implementation of a remedial action plan to address all 1,500 acres of the site, a groundwater monitoring program plan and preparation of PTI submissions for the upper and lower reservoirs. KEY also developed and participated in the patenting of an innovative approach to closing the upper reservoir utilizing a sustainable habitat that was approved by Ohio EPA.

KEY's activities include:
Patented Design Alternative utilizing Sustainable Habitat Cover System for Upper Fly Ash Reservoir provides water detention, Reservoir Closure Design and Permitting, Dam Permit Compliance, Inspect and prepare Annual Dam Inspection Reports, Closure Coordination with demolition activities, NPDES and Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting

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