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CCR Projects


Project Description

The Muskingum River Power Plant was a former coal-fired electric power generating station located near Beverly, Ohio. Redevelopment plans for this 1,500-acre site included industrial, recreational, and a wildlife habitat and preserve. Major elements of the project include the closure of over 200 acres of coal ash impoundments, beneficial re-use of bottom ash, and ongoing groundwater monitoring program.

Activities Performed

KEY initiated redevelopment efforts by preparing a scope of work for all environmental activities site-wide. These activities included the development and implementation of a closure plan to address all 1,500 acres of the site, a groundwater monitoring program plan, and preparation of PTI submissions for the upper and lower reservoirs. KEY also developed and co-patented an innovative approach to closing the upper reservoir utilizing a sustainable habitat design that was approved by Ohio EPA. KEY's activities include:

  • Patented Design Alternative utilizing Sustainable Habitat Cover System for upper fly ash reservoir 

  • Upper and lower fly ash reservoir closure designs and permitting

  • Oversight and certification of traditional cap for 40 acre middle reservoir

  • Dam permit compliance

  • Inspection and preparation of annual dam inspection reports

  • Closure coordination with demolition activities

  • NPDES and groundwater monitoring and reporting

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