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CCR Projects

Hollow Rock

Project Description

Hollow Rock is a 150-acre Class III Residual Solid Waste landfill located in Jefferson County, Ohio. The landfill primarily consists of gypsum, generated by air-pollution control equipment from the former W.H. Sammis power plant. The landfill design is comprised of fourteen cells, with five already constructed.

The leachate collected from the landfill is conveyed to a leachate storage basin. Currently, the leachate is pumped into tanker trucks and sent to Sammi for treatment. KEY is working with the owner to design a pipeline from Hollow Rock to the Sammis property directly for treatment and to eliminate the cost of trucking and delivery.

KEY has also developed a flexible closure plan to allow the client to explore various opportunities for the use of the gypsum while maintaining compliance with the Federal CCR Rule and Ohio EPA permit requirements.

Activities Performed

During the ownership transition, KEY assisted with site permit transfers for the Title V air permit, NPDES permit, and annual site operating license. KEY also updated the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.

KEY developed a compliance schedule for sampling, report submittals, and the annual landfill inspection required by the CCR Rule. KEY also prepares the Annual Operations Reports required by the OEPA.

In order to reduce operating costs, KEY completed a leachate generation analysis and evaluated alternate transportation via a 2.2-mile pipeline. There are several primary pipeline design challenges including aerial crossings, a deep valley, roadways, and rail lines along the existing conveyor route. Additional design considerations are potential freezing and batch mode operations. KEY has proposed to complete the work under a design-build contract approach with the client.

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