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CCR Projects

Hatfield Power Station

Project Description

This CCR Landfill is located in southwestern Pennsylvania and formerly was used for disposal of CCR from an adjacent electric generating station that was deactivated in 2013. The landfill was developed in three phases. Phases 1 and 2 were valley fills where CCR was used to backfill mining of the Uniontown coal seam. These phases were unlined. Each phase has a pump station that pumps leachate and seepage from the coal seam to a Passive Wetland Treatment System. The Phase 3 landfill, which has a double composite liner system, overlies Phases 1 and 2. Collected leachate is conveyed via gravity to a Leachate Storage Impoundment (LSI). The Phase 3 landfill has a permitted disposal footprint of 112.1 acres and the overall storage volume is 16,365,000 cubic yards. To date, only about 60 acres of the double-composite liner system area has been constructed and about 13,220,500 cubic yards of CCR has been disposed.

Activities Performed

KEY managed the sampling and reporting requirements for the landfill’s environmental monitoring system, which includes 18 groundwater monitoring wells, 13 surface water and leachate sampling points, 6 dustfall monitoring locations and 14 NPDES program monitoring points.

KEY assisted the owner with a study to determine if the ash disposed of in Phases 1 and 2 has the necessary physical and chemical properties to be a candidate for beneficial reuse.

  • Assisted with negotiation of NPDES Permit renewal

  • Quarterly sampling of 18 groundwater monitoring wells and 13 surface water and leachate monitoring points and preparation of Form 14Rs for submittal to the PADEP

  • Weekly/bi-monthly/per discharge sampling of 14 NPDES monitoring points and preparation of Discharge Monitoring Reports

  • Weekly dustfall sampling at 6 locations and reporting

  • Weekly and monthly inspections of the landfill cap, drainage channels, leachate collection/detection system and sedimentation pond dam

  • Proposed revision to stormwater/leachate outfall location to meet stricter NPDES Permit discharge requirements

  • Prepared drawings for the abandonment of the existing Passive Wetland Treatment System

  • Developed plan to obtain samples of CCR for testing to determine its viability for beneficial reuse

  • Managed the US EPA CCR website on behalf of the owner

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