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CCR Projects

Gilbert Generating Station

Project Description

The Gilbert Generating Station is a former coal-fired electric generating station on the eastern bank of the Delaware River. Constructed in the 1920s, it was decommissioned in the 1970s. Flyash from the plant was disposed of on-site, including an approximate 200-foot length along the river. The face of the ash deposit was sloped at about 1H:1V and was severely eroded at many points along the toe of the slope. KEY performed a geotechnical investigation to obtain samples of the embankment material for laboratory testing, performed slope stability analyses to determine the maximum slope at which an acceptable factor of safety against sliding could be achieved, and then prepared a complete set of permit and construction drawings.

Activities Performed

KEY prepared applications and submitted them to the New Jersey DEP to obtain a Division of Land Use Regulation Permit and Flood Hazard Area Permit. KEY designed a slope stabilization system consisting of turf reinforcement matting and vegetation, including live stake plantings. A Mitigation Plan was prepared for the replacement of trees and vegetation within the riparian zone impacted during construction.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance oversight services were also provided by KEY.

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