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CCR Projects


Project Description

This former coal-fired electric power generating station is located adjacent to the Ohio River and was acquired by the client for the purpose of closure and redevelopment. The W.C. Beckjord Station site is proposed for industrial and commercial redevelopment following closure of the CCR reservoirs and demolition of the idle power plant. Major elements of the project included the closure of four CCR reservoirs (covering roughly 200 acres), closure of two inactive CCR landfill cells, improvement of several marginally stable above-grade CCR disposal areas, and performance of a groundwater monitoring program to demonstrate compliance with applicable groundwater standards.

Activities Performed

KEY developed a plan for comprehensive CCR management, including the complete removal of the reservoir located closest to the nearby public water supply. CCR removed from the reservoir was placed into two of the remaining three reservoirs which are being capped with geomembrane or low permeability clay obtained on site. The landfill cells were capped in place, and the nearby above-grade CCR disposal areas were regraded and retrofitted with toe drains in excessively saturated areas. This overall approach was approved by Ohio EPA. KEY's activities include:

  • Reservoir Closure Design and Permitting

  • Dam Permit Compliance and Delisting

  • Landfill Closure Design and Permitting

  • CCR Unit Remedial Design

  • Closure Coordination with Plant Demolition Activities

  • NPDES and Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting

  • In Situ Groundwater Remediation (sulfate reduction)

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