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Environmental Challenges Today,
Sustainable Land Use Tomorrow.

Sustainable Land Use Tomorrow.

Industry Innovators Since 1995

KEY brings knowledge and experience to an increasingly complicated regulatory world.

Our solutions are backed by scientific and engineering experience, regulatory know-how, and cost-efficient and creative applications

What we do

We evaluate projects at any stage of their regulatory process from new and complex construction developments to environmentally impacted sites requiring remediation. 


KEY excels in providing scientific, engineering, and cost-effective solutions.

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Our company

From its inception, KEY has focused on providing project teams focused on cost-efficient, practical, and defensible solutions for environmental projects. 


Letter From the President

Since our founding in 1995, KEY has focused on outcomes.  Outcomes such as reduced regulatory requirements, properties returned to commercial use, lower costs for on-going remedial operations, and development of innovative engineering solutions.  Return clients demonstrate our achievements by bringing us into their new ventures.  These ventures range from  Phase I, II assessments to solving complex soil, water and air impacted properties.

KEY has grown with the times.   To this point, KEY  launched Field and Technical Services (a sister company)  that offers lower costs for routine monitoring, sampling, operations, and data management.   More recently, KEY has enhanced its reputation as a solution oriented firm by assisting with liability buyout projectss.   Sites include former factories, chemical power plants.  Some of these have required closure of coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills and impoundments.


 To date, KEY has closed over 900 acres of  CCR impoundments.  KEY also has a reputation for advising our clients on “emerging contaminant” issues at both new and previously remediated sites.  This has included the design of portable water treatment systems to achieve drinking water standards at impacted PFAS and 1,2-Dioxane locations.

KEY will continue to provide cost-effective and common sense approaches to best serve all of our clients, while not only protecting but also improving the environment.  We thank you for taking the time to view our website and we look forward to providing environmentally sound solutions to your projects.



Year of Establishment


Projects Completed


Professional Employees

James Zubrow


Our Projects

At KEY, we cater to our clients. We develop partnerships and strive to exceed expectations through our cost-managed engineered solutions. KEY's clients consist of industrial, commercial, development, and PRP groups with a broad range of project sizes.

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