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CCR Projects

Horsehead Landfill

Project Description

KEY has provided a range of services at the Horsehead Landfill including: Quality Control (QC) oversight services during construction of Phase II of the Residual Waste Landfill in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The landfill was designed and permitted through PADEP for the disposal of residual waste (CCR and zinc smelter slag). Phase II, which was approximately 12 acres in size, was the final landfill phase within the currently permitted overall 30-acre landfill footprint.

Phase II has a single 6-inch thick clay liner. The leachate collection system consists of perforated PVC piping located within a zinc smelter slag drainage layer. The surrounding perimeter berms were constructed of on-site soils. The project also included construction of a landfill access road.

Activities Performed

Following PADEP approval of the plans and specifications, KEY prepared a Construction Quality Assurance Plan for landfill construction, provided full-time QC oversight, constructed a test pad for the clay liner, and prepared Construction Certification Report.

  • Prepared Construction Quality Assurance Plan

  • Construction overisght and documentation 

  • Prepared certification report

  • Coal stockpile drainage system upgrade

  • Preparation of Annual Operation Reports

  • Cap construction oversight and certification

  • Quarterly and annual groundwater and surface water sampling and preparation of Form 14Rs

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