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About Us

About Us

When opportunity knocks...

From a small second floor office with access from the back alley, the owners saw the environmental marketplace changing in the mid-90s. Large international companies began to acquire and close companies throughout the United States and smaller firms were selling price over product. The owners of KEY recognized that their product, quality work at affordable prices, uniquely positioned them to meet the needs of this changing marketplace.

In fact, KEY was approached by several corporations, who understood KEY had the skills and knowledge to manage their work on challenging projects. KEY developed relations with these corporations and the business took off. 

Since those early days, KEY has grown by innovating and managing costs to  ensure that our clients receive a high-value product. This includes taking sites from investigation to design, then to construction and redevelopment, all the while, staying true to our clients’.

KEY has extensive experience in the management and implementation of projects under CERCLA, RCRA, and other federal and state lead programs.  This includes state "voluntary initiative" programs on brownfield sites where future site use is a factor in determining applicable remedial measures. KEY also gained expert knowledge from managing projects with Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL), metals, and other contaminants.

KEY's reputation for innovation and demonstrated results has allowed KEY to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. These partnerships now include companies serving the oil and gas markets, site developers, public water companies, public utilities and industries such as wood treating, chemical production, and manufacturing.